Why We Do What We Do.

Societal change is rampant. In fact, we have seen more change in the last 5 years than in the previous 250 years. Everyday life, work, and culture, are evolving rapidly. The effect? Many of us feel ill-equipped to navigate these monumental shifts, especially as our education system, hiring policies, organizational systems, and processes have yet to catch up. How do we navigate all this change? By reconnecting with our uniquely human skills – the forgotten soft skills – and re-examining what it means to learn. These skills and embracing learning as a way of life will help us thrive and be engaged with our brave new world.

What We Do.

We focus on helping youth, young adults, and the next generation of leaders develop the skills needed to better navigate life’s big transitions, our ever-changing culture, and shifting expectations of what work should be. We do so by helping them understand the importance of re-connecting with our human skills and the fluid learning systems necessary to thrive and be engaged. Furthermore, we help leaders, and their organizations, transition to the human-centric culture necessary for success in this time of change.

How We Do It.

We create interactive, multi-media content using a unique mix of proven concepts and methodologies along with our belief in cultural narratives as a familiar, engaging, and relevant entry point. Our programming is delivered in various formats -– self-directed video courses, in person CultureLabs and Workshops, and Ed-tech curriculum.

Our Programming.

We create tailored content for each target audience and collaborate with the appropriate partners and platforms to ensure access and relevancy. To date, our partners include: CreativeLive, Cultural Agents, Harvard University, Loyola Marymount University, Silicon Beach, Nearpod, and TabooZapp.

Workplace Report.

Whether you are an executive or an employee everyone agrees creating a learning culture at work is paramount for employee engagement and talent retention. And, as LinkedIn Learning’s 2018 Workplace Report states it is our soft skills that need to be the focus of this learning culture.

TCoY could not agree more. We have been advocating for soft skills learning for several years. It is the soft skills that drive our social and emotional intelligence. These uniquely human skills are fundamental to understanding and managing our own emotions, developing strong relationships with others, and successfully navigating the evolving workplace culture and make-up.

TCoY Videos.

Our Team.

TCoY is an inter-generational, inter-disciplinary, diverse team with extensive expertise in media, entertainment, youth studies, and graduate education.

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