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We Hear With Our Ears but Listen With Our Brain

Here’s the thing. Listening is hard. Yet, listening, or more accurately, active listening is one of the most important skills to learn if you want to have good people skills. And, we make listening harder when most of our communication with others is conducted through a screen. While texting, slacking, emailing, or posting the sad truth is we are only using 7% of our communication arsenal -- words. The bottom line to be a good listener we need to see. active listening is also one of the most important skills to learn if you want to have good people skills.

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Make Your Organization a Learning Culture

Now more than ever before companies are facing the challenge of managing up to five generations in their workforce; these encompass the Veterans or the Traditionalists, the Baby Boomers (1948-1963), Generation X (1964-1978), the Millennials (1979-1991) and Generation Z (they are just beginning to enter the workforce.) And while labels are fraught with generalizations, managing a multi-generational workforce can be a complex endeavor. It involves addressing individual needs and aspirations, dealing with differing values, work styles, expectations and, above all, understanding their differences and then embracing those differences to build even stronger teams.

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The Power and Importance of Lifewide Learning

We Learn from All Our Life As we embrace the evolving landscape that is our technology driven lives, adult learning has come back into vogue through the approach of lifelong learning. While encouraging all of us to be lifelong learners and giving us access to informal learning is a step in the right direction, I think we run the risk of not seeing the bigger picture. Why? Because the current iteration of lifelong learning is not only centered on a narrow band of skills, those predominantly needed for knowledge-based industries, but also delivered in a manner that resembles the traditional formal education system – teaching specific subjects.

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Who Needs To Transition? Us or Them?

Generational transition is a natural part of evolution. And, right now, we are in the middle of a significant one. By 2020 75% of our workforce will be under the age of 40. The magnitude of this change has not been seen since the Boomers “came to power” 50 years ago.

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The Curse of the “Alone Together”​ Phenomenon

Last night, my husband and I watched Oscar-Winning Documentarian, Alex Gibney’s Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine. It is a fascinating but mostly unflattering look at the complex persona of Jobs. As a veteran of Chiat/Day I was very familiar with the stories of the complex nature of Jobs, which as Bob Belleville,

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1997 Prophecy of the Millennial Mindset

The 1997 Apple Campaign Think Different was a celebration of those who change things and move the human race forward and gave those of us who felt like misfits, hope. For me, the copy launching the campaign reads as a prophecy of the Millennial Generation -- their mindset, behavior, and the societal shifts we are experiencing because of them.

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