How We do It.

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We create interactive, multi-media content using a unique mix of proven concepts and methodologies along with our belief in cultural narratives as a familiar, engaging, and relevant entry point. Our programming is delivered in various formats -– self-directed video courses, in person CultureLabs and Workshops, and Ed-tech curriculum.


1. Hidden Funds of Knowledge: The knowledge gained from family and our cultural background, internalized over time that gives social meaning to our lives.
2. Auto-Ethnographic Experiences: An individual’s unique life experiences in relationship to the context of society.
3. The Artistic Process: A visual language that speaks to people’s creativity: Line of sight, forced perspective, vanishing point, point of view, body placement, and counterpoint.
4. Social and Emotional Intelligence Skills: Self-awareness and management, empathy, motivation, interpersonal communication, creative and critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making.
5. Community: Working together, managing conflict, team building and teamwork, and collaboration.
6. Resiliency building: Overcoming challenges and barriers.
7. Cultural Safety — Understanding our own culture and its influence on how we think, feel, and behave so we can respect the cultural identities of others and safely meet their needs, expectations, and rights.